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Elinor L. Gates

Shane 3-meter telescope, laser guide star propagating.

Support Scientist
Lick Observatory
Mount Hamilton, CA
E-mail: egates@ucolick.org

Where is Mount Hamilton? This new Landsat7 image shows the Bay Area and Mount Hamilton, the highest peak in the Diablo range of Mountains and the home of Lick Observatory.

Lick Observatory Instrument Information

Information about the telescopes and instruments is available at www.ucolick.org/~mountain/mthamilton/. If you want specific information about observing with any of the instruments that is not published in the manuals, email me and I'll try to get you the information you wish.

Want to know more about the Gemini IR Camera than what is in the manual? Check out various tried and true scripts for making observing simpler!

Doing spectroscopy with Gemini? Here are some lines and pixel positions for the Argon lamp spectra for each grism. Not guaranteed to be correct, but close. If you get a better fit, let me know.

The Adaptive Optics/Laser Guide Star is another one of my responsibilities. Eventually the system will become a Lick facility instrument available for use by the UC astronomy community. I'll post information as it becomes available.

Newly produced (May 2002) movie and image of the Lick AO instrument in action are now available.

Open and Closed loop movie (ao.mpg). The movie shows the distortions in short exposure images caused by turbulence in the atmosphere and how it is corrected by Adaptive Optics.

Open and Closed loop images (ao.jpg). These images are the sum of images in the ao.mpg movie, showing what long exposures (more typical of astronomical observations) would look like.

Partial solar eclipse pictures (June 10, 2002), as seen at the main building at Lick Observatory. Taken by Tony Misch.

Courtyard shadows

Podium and wall

Lecture hall wall

Main building shadows

Pretty Pictures taken with the Nickel 40" telescope and CCD#5 on 20 July 2000 UT. Each picture is a combination of images taken through B, V, and Rs filters and combined to make a true color image. Click on each thumbnail image to get the full size image.

M102 M101 M92 M57 M20

More Pretty Pictures taken with the Nickel 40" telescope and CCD#5 on 16 August 2000 UT.

M11 M15 M16 M17 M27

NGC7008 NGC7814 Saturn Nebula Blinking Planetary

Asteroid (2650) Elinor

Yes, this asteroid really is named after me. This page shows pictures that I took of this chuck of space rock.

More images of (2650) Elinor, taken by Mr. Walter Primik.


I perform in Lyric Theatre comic operettas in my spare time.

During January 2004 I headed off to Costa Rica. I take lots of photos and have chosen the best and most interesting to share.

For entertainment, see my old (and very out of date) web page from my grad school days at UNM.

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Last modified: 24 June 2003