Kelson Ware

Dan Kelson has put together a large set of routines for reducing data from a number of astronomical instruments. Though there is support for MIKE, the ESI like instrument at Magellan, this package is most easily used for reducing lower resolution data, of both the single and multi-slit variety.


Installation is straightforward. In the current form, there are versions built for INTEL linux boxes and Macintosh G5s. In the future, there will be a more generic install process, allowing the user to build the software for their architecture. Otherwise, the package contains all of the software the user needs, including a python installation, supporting libraries, tools for plotting, etc.


This package is more complicated to use than many of the turnkey pipelines written for Keck instruments. There will be a more detailed discussion on an instrument by instrument basis of how to reduce data with this package.
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Last modified: Fri May 11 13:37:40 PDT 2012