I have compiled here a compendium of various data reduction packages that I know about. I include a modest discussion of what each is suppose to do and where you can pick up the software. With some, I provide more details and will provide some notes on my experiences.

Keck Supported DRPs

Keck Observatory has compiled a list of supported DRPs. The packages are all distributed using GitHub. Included are MOSFIRE, NIRSPEC, OSIRIS, and KCWI.

Long Slit and Multi-Object Spectra

These are packages of software for reducing multi-slit optical spectra, though can be used for reducing long slit data as well. The instruments would be DEIMOS, LRIS and NIRSPEC.

High Resolution Spectra

These are packages for reducing high resolution spectra, such as data from HiRes or ESI, and possibly NIRSPEC. Most of these I have never used, but am linking to out of completeness.


These are packages for AO instruments. For some, one can use the standard packages. For others, such as OSIRIS, there are special purpose packages written.
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Oct 3 2018