What do I need?

  1. A C compiler. The easiest one to get is the Apple gcc that comes with Xcode.
  2. A FORTRAN 77 compiler. The directions will ONLY work for g77/f77, not for gfortran. This website lists a number of compilers. Other options include macports which will ensure that you will have a version of a fortran compatible with your C compiler.
  3. X11 for the Mac
  4. PGPLOT for the Mac

Installing the compilers

Follow the instructions for the compilers above.
Note: Many versions of g77 will compile only to 32bit. Modern gcc compilers often use 64 bit. If you get an error like /usr/bin/ranlib: archive member: ua(cstuff.o) cputype (16777223) does not match previous archive members cputype (7) (all members must match).

Installing X11

This is just a package, done in the usual way. You will have to agree to license and type in your password, but otherwise this is no different than upgrading iTunes.

Installing PGPLOT

This is somewhat complicated, so it has its own webpage

Building MAKEE

The standard way of compiling has no option for the Mac, and making a new options file will not work on its own. Here are the modified makefiles, and a new OptionsMacOSX file IF you are using a 32 bit g77.
You must fix the location of the pgplot library files for this to work. Edit the file OptionsMacOSX and replace /Users/holden/lib/pgplot with wherever your PGPLOT installation sits.
Also, the same fortran compiler has to be used for PGPLOT.
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