What is Makee?

This is package put together by Tom Barlow for reducing echelle data. It has two pipelines, one for ESI and HiRes. This produce output spectra that is wavelength calibrated.


The installation is a gzip'ed tar file. Typing make sun or make linux will work on those machines. For a MacOSX system, a bit more work will be required.
In addition, PGPLOT is required for plotting.

But I have a Mac?

Read here for instructions on installing on a Mac.

Running the code

Tom Barlow has extensive documentation on how to run the software. See the link below.

David Lai recommends the following flags for ESI data -novac -noskyshift sl=134. The sl flag defines the slit length. For ESI, David Lai found that the close orders could cause Makee to attempt extract data across orders.

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