I teach a set of four graduate courses in the UCSC Astronomy and Astrophysics Dept. I also teach an Astrobiology course in the UCSC Earth Sciences Dept. My course websites are currently undergoing revision, and will be online prior to the next offering of each class. Follow this link to my old websites for numerical methods and dynamical astronomy. More information on the UCSC Graduate Astronomy Courses can be found here.

1. Astrophysical Dynamics (AY212).

Last offered: Fall 2006, Next offered: Spring 2009.

2. Numerical Methods for Astrophysics (AY235).

Last offered: Winter 2007.

3. Physics of Astrophysics I (AY 204B)

Last offered: Fall 2007, Next offered: Fall 2009

4. Physics of Astrophysics II (AY204A)

Last offered: Spring 2008, Next offered: Spring 2010.