Kast Spectrograph coordinates

These diagrams are still in draft form.
They may disagree with the optics and/or the software.

coordinates for the 2016 Kast red 1024*4096 Hamamatsu CCD

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coordinates for the Kast blue 2kx2k Fairchild CCD 3041

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Ming Zhi Wei reports that this CCD 3041 is back illuminated, not front illuminated.
In normal operation the ucam is told to use image idcode 6 (which selects the amplifiers on the serial register at the top of the dewar as installed in Kast blue) and to flip the rows.
If image idcode 4 is selected then the ucam attempts to use the amplifiers of the other serial register (at the bottom as installed in Kast blue). In a test on 2011-03-09 such images had zero pixel values from the lower right amplifier.
We do not know which way the CCD was installed, so we do not know which serial register in the one along pins 1 thru 23 and which serial register is the one along pins 24 thru 46.
These diagrams are a synthesis of the contents of what should be several separate diagrams and documents.
The engineering diagrams documenting the Kast focal planes should not include
This is a draft. It all deserves double checking.
Please let me know if anything seems awry.

The FITS coordinates can be redefined, but the current coordinates indicate the manner in which the UCAM code writes the pixels into the FITS image array.
coordinates for the old Kast red 1200x400 Reticon CCD

as a PDF file
For a diagram showing the silicon layout of the Reticon CCD see 1990ASPC....8..100C.
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