Family of Christen, Harry Winfield and Buckingham, Nettie May 1a


Married Husband Christen, Harry Winfield [I0507]
Married Wife Buckingham, Nettie May [I0529]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E0857] 1904-05-21 Toledo, Ohio  
  1. Christen, Kenneth C. [I0837]
  2. Christen, Norman C. [I0838]
  3. Christen, Robert V. [I0839]
  4. Christen, Donald W. [I0840]
  5. Christen, Arlo B. [I0841]
  6. Christen, Virginia Catherine [I0842]
  7. Christen, Paul E. [I0843]

Source References

  1. History of the Magley Family, The [S0076]
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