This page contains an index of all the places in the database, sorted by their title. Clicking on a place’s title will take you to that place’s page.

Letter Name State Country Latitude Longitude
A Adams [P0320] Indiana USA    
  Akron [P0488] Ohio USA    
  Alameda [P0661] California USA    
  Allen [P0343] Indiana USA    
  Amsterdam [P0528]   Netherlands    
  Arkansas [P0372] Arkansas USA    
  Auglaize [P0548] Ohio USA    
  Aurora [P0586] Illinois USA    
  Austin [P0566] Nevada USA    
B Baden [P0366] Baden Germany    
  Bannwil [P0647] Berne Switzerland    
  Barbour [P0549] (West) Virginia USA    
  Bedford [P0292] Virginia USA    
  Bedford [P0373] Indiana USA    
  Bella Vista [P0622] Arkansas USA    
  Bellefontaine [P0616] Ohio USA    
  Bellevue [P0505] Nebraska USA    
  Bergen [P0537] New Jersey USA    
  Bergen [P0539] New Jersey USA    
  Berkeley [P0256] North Carolina USA    
  Berrien [P0594] Michigan USA    
  Bethany [P0694] Illinois USA    
  Black Fox Creek [P0305] Tennessee USA    
  Blackford [P0381] Indiana USA    
  Blarcom [P0541]   Netherlands    
  Bluffton [P0642] Indiana USA    
  Boonville [P0658] Indiana USA    
  Bourbon [P0360] Kentucky USA    
  Bowling Green [P0387] Kentucky USA    
  Breckinridge [P0418] Kentucky USA    
  Brewster [P0719] New York USA    
  Bronx [P0697] New York USA    
  Brooklyn [P0542] New York USA    
  Broward [P0556] Florida USA    
  Brown Twp [P0359] Indiana USA    
  Buffalo [P0363] New York USA    
  Butler [P0463] Ohio USA    
  Byske [P0458] Västerbotten Sweden    
  Byske [P0457] Västerbotten Sweden    
C Cabell [P0498] West Virginia USA    
  California [P0575] California USA    
  Cane Creek [P0445] North Carolina USA    
B Berne [P0416] Berne Switzerland    
C Carlisle [P0248] Indiana USA    
  Carpentersville [P0574] Illinois USA    
  Carroll [P0557] Ohio USA    
  Cass [P0500] Indiana USA    
  Cass [P0249] Indiana USA    
  Cattaraugus [P0699] New York USA    
  Centerville [P0235] Indiana USA    
  Champaign [P0637] Ohio USA    
  Charlestown [P0508] Indiana USA    
  Chicago [P0317] Illinois USA    
  Chippewa Falls [P0579] Wisconsin USA    
  Clackamas [P0724] Oregon USA    
  Clark [P0295] Illinois USA    
  Clark [P0234] Indiana USA    
  Clarksburg [P0673] West Virginia USA    
  Clay [P0294] Kentucky USA    
  Clay Twp [P0583] Indiana USA    
  Clinton [P0627] Iowa USA    
  Cohoctah [P0591] Michigan USA    
  Connecticut [P0702] Connecticut USA    
  Cook [P0582] Illinois USA    
  Coral Gables [P0448] Florida USA    
  Cornwall [P0745] England United Kingdom    
  Corydon [P0564] Iowa USA    
  Council Bluffs [P0711] Iowa USA    
K Kerry [P0731]   Ireland    
L Leitrim [P0732]   Ireland    
C Crown Point [P0247] Indiana USA    
  Culpepper [P0279] Virginia USA    
  Cumberland [P0543] Pennsylvania USA    
  Curry Twp [P0339] Indiana USA    
D Dallas [P0626] Texas USA    
  Danbury [P0714] Connecticut USA    
  Darke [P0529] Ohio USA    
  Dayton [P0485] Ohio USA    
  Decatur [P0692] Illinois USA    
  Decatur [P0276] Indiana USA    
  Delaware [P0427] Indiana USA    
  Denver [P0451] Colorado USA    
  Down [P0522]   Northern Ireland    
  Dublin [P0306]   Ireland    
  Dunkirk [P0501] Indiana USA    
E East Chicago [P0327] Indiana USA    
  East Randolph [P0721] New York USA    
  eastern TN near NC [P0382] Tennessee USA    
  Edam [P0540] North Holland Netherlands    
  Elkhart [P0612] Indiana USA    
  England [P0371] England United Kingdom    
  England or France [P0289]   England or France    
  Evanston [P0331] Illinois USA    
F Fairbanks Twp [P0341] Indiana USA    
  Fairborn [P0487] Ohio USA    
  Fairfield [P0558] Ohio USA    
  Farmersburg [P0245] Indiana USA    
  Fauquier [P0551] Virginia USA    
  Fayette [P0356] Kentucky USA    
  Fayette [P0438] Ohio USA    
  Fernwood Farm [P0312] Indiana USA    
  Flint [P0590] Michigan USA    
  Flomborn [P0525]   Germany    
  Floyd [P0436] Virginia USA    
  Fort Lauderdale [P0686] Florida USA    
  Fort Smith [P0628] Arkansas USA    
  Fort Wayne [P0412] Indiana USA    
  Fountain [P0633] Indiana USA    
  Fowler [P0390] Indiana USA    
  France [P0376]   France    
  Franklin [P0729] Virginia USA    
C Columbus [P0319] Ohio USA    
F Frederick Twp [P0471] Pennsylvania USA    
  Fremont [P0734] Nebraska USA    
  Fulton [P0444] Indiana USA    
G Gallia [P0486] Ohio USA    
  Gallion Cemetery [P0469] Indiana USA 38°51'36.90"N 86°12'41.88"W
  Gällivare [P0646] Norrbotten Sweden    
  Geneva [P0634] Indiana USA    
  Germanna [P0552] Virginia USA    
  Germantown [P0553] Virginia USA    
  Germantown [P0361] Pennsylvania USA    
  Germany [P0423]   Germany    
  Gill Twp [P0340] Indiana USA    
  Goldfield [P0576] Nevada USA    
  Goshen [P0323] Indiana USA    
  Grainger [P0420] Tennessee USA    
  Grand Forks [P0509] North Dakota USA    
  Granger [P0664] Indiana USA    
  Grangeville [P0677] West Virginia USA    
  Grant [P0028] Indiana USA    
  Greencastle [P0611] Indiana USA    
  Greene [P0277] Pennsylvania USA    
  Greene [P0494] Tennessee USA    
  Greenlawn Cemetery [P0545] Ohio USA    
  Grefelt [P0526]   Germany    
  Gypsy [P0674] West Virginia USA    
H Hackensack [P0534] New Jersey USA    
  Haldimand [P0742] Ontario Canada    
  Hamilton Twp [P0441] Indiana USA    
  Hardin [P0437] Ohio USA    
  Haring [P0592] Michigan USA    
  Harpers Ferry [P0665] (West) Virginia USA    
  Harrisburg [P0236] Pennsylvania USA    
  Harrison [P0550] (West) Virginia USA    
  Harrison [P0619] West Virginia USA    
  Hartford City [P0474] Indiana USA    
  Harwich [P0716] Massachusetts USA    
  Hempstead [P0433] New York USA    
  Hickory Valley [P0298] Tennessee USA    
  Hickory Valley [P0302] Tennessee USA    
  Hillsboro [P0599] Oregon USA    
  Hoagland [P0232] Indiana USA    
  Hoboken [P0696] New Jersey USA    
  Holmes [P0620] Ohio USA    
  Hymera [P0258] Indiana USA    
I Illinois [P0299] Illinois USA    
  Indiana [P0243] Indiana USA    
  Indianapolis [P0388] Indiana USA    
  Iowa [P0623] Iowa USA    
  Ireland [P0329]   Ireland    
J Jackson [P0428] Indiana USA    
  Jackson Twp [P0349] Indiana USA    
  Jacobstowe [P0744] England United Kingdom    
  James City [P0379] Virginia USA    
  Jay [P0480] Indiana USA    
  Jefferson [P0698] New York USA    
  Jefferson [P0666] Ohio USA    
  Junction City [P0690] Kansas USA    
K Kentucky [P0283] Kentucky USA    
  Kirkland Twp [P0250] Indiana USA    
  Knox [P0609] Indiana USA    
  Knoxville [P0504] Tennessee USA    
L Labrador [P0377] Labrador Canada    
  Lakota [P0287] North Dakota USA    
  Lancaster [P0314] Pennsylvania USA    
  Laurel [P0293] Kentucky USA    
  Lawrence [P0272] Missouri USA    
  Lawrence [P0367] Ohio USA    
  Lebanon [P0389] Indiana USA    
  Lehigh [P0605] Pennsylvania USA    
  Liberty Cemetery [P0468] Indiana USA 39°13'25.91"N 87°24'30.77"W
  Lindsay [P0739] Ontario Canada    
  Little Flock Cemetery [P0561] Indiana USA    
  Lockland [P0491] Ohio USA    
  Logan [P0475] Ohio USA    
  Logansport [P0489] Indiana USA    
  London [P0577] England United Kingdom    
  Long Beach [P0490] California USA    
  Long Island [P0434] New York USA    
  Loudoun [P0321] Virginia USA    
  Lucas [P0621] Ohio USA    
  Lunenburg [P0378] Virginia USA    
M Madison [P0492] Indiana USA    
  Manhattan [P0684] New York USA    
  Mansfield [P0723] New York USA    
  Manvel [P0510] North Dakota USA    
  Marion [P0098] Indiana USA    
  Marion [P0595] Oregon USA    
  Marion [P0667] Indiana USA    
  Martinsburg [P0304] (West) Virginia USA    
W Washington Co, VA [P0384] (West) Virginia USA    
M Maryland [P0346] Maryland USA    
  Mason [P0560] Kentucky USA    
  Massachusetts [P0617] Massachusetts USA    
  May Day Community [P0496] Tennessee USA    
  Michigan [P0518] Michigan USA    
G Grand Forks [P0521] North Dakota USA    
M Middlesex [P0344] Virginia USA    
  Middletown [P0426] Indiana USA    
  Middletown [P0630] Ohio USA    
  Minnesota [P0513] Minnesota USA    
  Mishawaka [P0253] Indiana USA    
  Missouri [P0624] Missouri USA    
  Monroe [P0643] (West) Virginia USA    
  Monroe [P0484] Ohio USA    
  Montclair [P0365] New Jersey USA    
  Monterey [P0709] Massachusetts USA    
  Montgomery [P0606] Ohio USA    
  Montgomery [P0368] Virginia USA    
  Montpelier [P0736] Vermont USA    
  Morgan Twp [P0478] Ohio USA    
  Morgantown [P0670] West Virginia USA    
  Morris Chapel Cemetery [P0466] Indiana USA    
  Mt. Olive [P0608] Mississippi USA    
  Mt. Summit [P0613] Indiana USA    
  Multnomah [P0603] Oregon USA    
  Muncie [P0246] Indiana USA    
  Müsen [P0554] Nassau-Siegen Germany    
  Muskingum [P0439] Ohio USA    
N Nankin [P0728] Michigan USA    
  Napa [P0685] California USA    
  Nashville [P0479] Indiana USA    
  Nassau [P0430] New York USA    
  near Scarva [P0453]   Ireland    
  Nebraska [P0601] Nebraska USA    
  Nelson [P0464] Kentucky USA    
  Netherlands [P0425]   Netherlands    
  New Albany [P0482] Indiana USA    
  New Amsterdam [P0538] New Netherland Netherlands    
  New Jersey [P0278] New Jersey USA    
  New York [P0415] New York USA    
  New York [P0421] New York USA    
  Newport [P0602] Oregon USA    
  Niles [P0511] Michigan USA    
  Norfolk [P0370] Virginia USA    
  North Bend [P0588] Wisconsin USA    
  North Carolina [P0419] North Carolina USA    
  Northern Ireland [P0101]   Northern Ireland    
  Northumberland [P0497] Ontario Canada    
O Ohio [P0281] Ohio USA    
  Ohio [P0565] Kentucky USA    
  Ohio [P0671] West Virginia USA    
  Ontario [P0054] Ontario Canada    
  Orange [P0506] Indiana USA    
  Orange [P0357] North Carolina USA    
  Orange [P0536] New Jersey USA    
  Oregon [P0598] Oregon USA    
  Östanbäck [P0262] Västerbotten Sweden    
  Ostvik [P0393] Västerbotten Sweden    
  Ostvik [P0455] Västerbotten Sweden    
  Ostvik [P0238] Västerbotten Sweden    
  Otto [P0701] New York USA    
  Oyster Bay [P0374] New York USA    
P Paramus [P0535] New Jersey USA    
  Paris [P0679] Ohio USA    
  Park Ridge [P0328] Illinois USA    
  Parke [P0411] Indiana USA    
  Pasquotank [P0254] North Carolina USA    
  Pasquotank or Perquimans [P0446] North Carolina USA    
  Pennsylvania [P0417] Pennsylvania USA    
  Pennybacker Mills [P0422] Pennsylvania USA    
  Petersburg [P0519] North Dakota USA    
  Philadelphia [P0020] Pennsylvania USA    
  Pierce [P0722] Nebraska USA    
  Pierce [P0730] Nebraska USA    
  Porter [P0580] Indiana USA    
  Portland [P0708] Connecticut USA    
  Portland [P0687] Oregon USA    
  Providence [P0727] Rhode Island USA    
N New York [P0364] New York USA    
Q Queens [P0129] New York USA    
R Randolph [P0358] North Carolina USA    
  Reed Cemetery [P0530] Indiana USA    
  Richland Twp [P0495] Indiana USA    
  Rochester [P0584] Indiana USA    
  Rochester [P0741] Minnesota USA    
  Root Twp [P0275] Indiana USA    
  Ross [P0531] Ohio USA    
  Rutherford [P0303] North Carolina USA    
S Sackets Harbor [P0720] New York USA    
  Salamanca [P0712] New York USA    
7 7 miles west of Salem [P0507] Indiana USA    
S Salem [P0650] Ohio USA    
  San Francisco [P0476] California USA    
  San Francisco [P0064] California USA    
  Scarva [P0523]   Northern Ireland    
  Scottstown [P0435] Ohio USA    
  Seattle [P0514] Washington USA    
  Sebring [P0653] Ohio USA    
  Shelburn [P0288] Indiana USA    
  Shelby [P0532] Ohio USA    
  Silver City [P0568] Idaho USA    
  Skellefteå lasarett [P0394] Västerbotten Sweden    
  Skellefteå [P0456] Västerbotten Sweden    
  Skippack Twp [P0307] Pennsylvania USA    
  Skippack, PA [P0424] Pennsylvania USA    
  Slind [P0239] Västerbotten Sweden    
  Slind [P0406] Västerbotten Sweden    
  South Bend [P0241] Indiana USA    
  South Whitley [P0663] Indiana USA    
  Spencer [P0338] Kentucky USA    
  Springfield [P0316] Illinois USA    
  Springfield [P0738] Massachusetts USA    
  Springfield [P0449] Ohio USA    
  St. Joseph [P0380] Indiana USA    
  St. Petersburg [P0342] Florida USA    
  Stebbach [P0470] N. Kraichgau Germany    
  Stockholm sjukhus [P0396] Västerbotten Sweden    
  Sugar Creek [P0570] Indiana USA    
  Sullivan [P0244] Indiana USA    
  Sullivan/Vigo [P0465] Indiana USA    
  Sulphur Springs [P0615] Indiana USA    
  Summit [P0503] Ohio USA    
  Sweden [P0392]   Sweden    
  Switzerland [P0233]   Switzerland    
  Sylvan Lake [P0452] Indiana USA    
T Tacoma [P0333] Washington USA    
  Tappan [P0533] New Jersey USA    
  Taylor [P0675] West Virginia USA    
  Tenn near Virginia line | NC [P0391] Tennessee or North Carolina USA    
  Tennessee [P0432] Tennessee USA    
  Terre Haute [P0282] Indiana USA    
  Tippecanoe [P0587] Indiana USA    
  Toledo [P0450] Ohio USA    
  Trupbach [P0555]   Germany    
6 6823 St Charles Ave [P0629] Louisiana USA    
T Tyringham [P0700] Massachusetts USA    
  Tyrone [P0547]   Ireland    
U Ulster [P0636]   Ireland    
  USA [P0242]   USA    
  Utah [P0569] Utah USA    
V Valparaiso [P0593] Indiana USA    
  Vermont [P0581] Vermont USA    
  Versailles [P0544] Ohio USA    
  Vigo [P0290] Indiana USA    
  Vinton [P0502] Ohio USA    
  Virginia [P0231] Virginia USA    
N near North Carolina [P0383] Virginia USA    
V Virginia? [P0291] Virginia? USA    
W west Perquimans [P0255] North Carolina USA    
  west Tennessee [P0362] Tennessee USA    
  Wapakoneta [P0499] Ohio USA    
  Warren [P0546] Ohio USA    
  Waseca [P0596] Minnesota USA    
  Washington [P0284] Indiana USA    
  Washington [P0597] Oregon USA    
  Washington [P0493] Tennessee USA    
  Waterbury [P0706] Connecticut USA    
  Wayne [P0148] Michigan USA    
  Wells [P0631] Indiana USA    
  Wellsboro [P0297] Pennsylvania USA    
  West Jefferson [P0682] Ohio USA    
  West Virginia [P0264] West Virginia USA    
  Westlawn Cemetery [P0467] Indiana USA 39°14'43.93"N 87°23'24.73"W
  Westminster [P0259] California USA    
  Wheeling [P0672] West Virginia USA    
  Wilmington [P0447] Delaware USA    
  Windsor Twp [P0369] Ohio USA    
  Wisconsin [P0573] Wisconsin USA    
  Wood [P0680] Ohio USA    
  Woodbury [P0704] Connecticut USA    
  Wurttemberg [P0429] Wurttemberg Germany    
Y Yates [P0725] New York USA    
Z Zephyrhills [P0572] Florida USA