New York

Gramps ID P0415
State/ Province New York
Country USA


  1. Allen, Joseph [I0089]
  2. Cook, Maria [I1438]
  3. Enos, Diana Charlotte [I1437]
  4. Family of Morey, John Chester "J.C." and Kelley, Anna [F0923]
  5. Family of Morey, Stillman and unknownS, Susanna [F0918]
  6. Foster, Derby [I1436]
  7. Fuller, Daniel [I1183]
  8. Kelley, Anna [I1458]
  9. Maguire, Margaret [I0958]
  10. Maguire, Robert J. [I1426]
  11. Maguire, Rose Anna [I0959]
  12. Maguire, Thomas John [I0954]
  13. Morey, John Chester "J.C." [I1446]
  14. Morey, Stillman [I0952]
  15. Sillinger, Albert [I0266]
  16. Sillinger, Frederick [I0267]
  17. Sillinger, Johanna "Hannah" [I0265]
  18. Sillinger, Margaret "Maggie" [I0218]
  19. unknownS, Susanna [I1452]