Brown Twp

Gramps ID P0359
City Brown Twp
County Washington
State/ Province Indiana
Country USA


  1. Family of Purkhiser, William Henry L. and Russell, Lydia Margaret [F0767]
  2. Family of Russell, George and Lindsey, Letitia M. [F0549]
  3. Lindsey, Letitia M. [I0931]
  4. Purkhiser, William Henry L. [I1118]
  5. Russell, George [I0930]
  6. Russell, George [I1109]
  7. Russell, James [I1111]
  8. Russell, Letitia A. [I1115]
  9. Russell, Lydia Margaret [I1117]
  10. Russell, Mahala Jane [I1119]
  11. Russell, Mary Elizabeth [I1105]
  12. Russell, William [I1110]
  13. Shetters/Sutters, Hannah [I0101]