Gramps ID P0284
County Washington
State/ Province Indiana
Country USA


  1. Allen, Charity [I0200]
  2. Allen, James Luther M.D. [I0767]
  3. Allen, James Tadlock [I0087]
  4. Allen, John Riley [I0079]
  5. Allen, Leonard D. [I0198]
  6. Allen, Mary Elizabeth [I0098]
  7. Allen, Sarah J. [I0199]
  8. Allen, William Jackson [I0202]
  9. Family of Allen, James Tadlock and Russell, Lucinda [F0606]
  10. Family of Russell, John and Shetters/Sutters, Hannah [F0611]
  11. Russell, John [I0100]
  12. Russell, Lucinda [I0088]
  13. Shetters/Sutters, Hannah [I0101]