Gramps ID P0367
County Lawrence
State/ Province Ohio
Country USA


  1. Booth, Druzillah [I0381]
  2. Family of Langdon, Elisha and Pigman, Sarah Ann [F0751]
  3. Family of Langdon, Isaac John and Perkins, Sarah Ann [F0663]
  4. Family of Langdon, Perry A. and Noble, Sarah "Sadie" V. [F0722]
  5. Family of Langdon, William and unknownS, Elizabeth G. [F0470]
  6. Family of Perkins, William J. and Veal, Isabell [F0529]
  7. Langdon, Daniel H. [I1009]
  8. Langdon, Elijah J. [I1004]
  9. Langdon, Elijah J. [I1016]
  10. Langdon, Elisha [I1005]
  11. Langdon, Elisha Lewis [I1015]
  12. Langdon, Isaac John [I0376]
  13. Langdon, Perry A. [I0371]
  14. Langdon, Samuel A. [I1008]
  15. Langdon, Samuel Jr. [I0379]
  16. Langdon, William [I0485]
  17. Noble, Sarah "Sadie" V. [I1024]
  18. Perkins, Sarah Ann [I0377]
  19. Perkins, William J. [I0392]
  20. Pigman, Sarah Ann [I1070]
  21. Ross, Lula C. [I0388]
  22. Veal, Isabell [I0393]
  23. Veal, William [I0394]
  24. unknownS, Elizabeth G. [I0486]