Curtis, William J. “Bud”

Birth Name William J. “Bud” Curtis
Gramps ID I1348
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Curtis, Cleon Lorenzo [I1000]
Mother Leveck, Cora Edyth [I0604]
         Curtis, William J. “Bud” [I1348]
    Brother     Curtis, Cleon Lorenzo Jr. [I1349]
    Brother     Curtis, Harry Edwin [I1350]
    Sister     Curtis, Edith Eileen [I1352]


    Family of Curtis, William J. “Bud” and Manchester, Eudelle L. “Dell” [F0872]
Married Wife Manchester, Eudelle L. “Dell” [I1351]


  1. Curtis, Cleon Lorenzo [I1000]
    1. Leveck, Cora Edyth [I0604]
      1. Curtis, William J. "Bud"
        1. Manchester, Eudelle L. “Dell” [I1351]
      2. Curtis, Harry Edwin [I1350]
      3. Curtis, Cleon Lorenzo Jr. [I1349]
      4. Curtis, Edith Eileen [I1352]