Leveck, Irene Frances

Birth Name Irene Frances Leveck
Gramps ID I1361
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Leveck, Louis Pernell [I0602]
Mother Walls, Mary Virginia [I1358]
    Brother     Leveck, Hershel Jay [I1359]
    Sister     Leveck, Cleo Thelma [I1360]
         Leveck, Irene Frances [I1361]


    Family of Coburn, Stanley Lloyd and Leveck, Irene Frances [F0900]
Married Husband Coburn, Stanley Lloyd [I1404]


  1. Leveck, Louis Pernell [I0602]
    1. Walls, Mary Virginia [I1358]
      1. Leveck, Irene Frances
        1. Coburn, Stanley Lloyd [I1404]
      2. Leveck, Hershel Jay [I1359]
      3. Leveck, Cleo Thelma [I1360]