McClanahan, Joseph David 1a

Birth Name Joseph David McClanahan
Gramps ID I1375
Gender male
Age at Death 82 years, 9 months, 5 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E2180] 1822-03-00 Indiana  
Death [E2181] 1904-12-06 Shelburn, Indiana  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McClanahan, Thomas [I1374]
Mother Engle, Sarah [I1373]
    Sister     McClanahan, Sarah J. [I0186]
         McClanahan, Joseph David [I1375]
Stepfather Luzader, Isaac [I1474]
Mother Engle, Sarah [I1373]
    Half-brother     Luzader, George Washington A. [I1475]
Stepfather Carrithers, Stephen [I1377]
Mother Engle, Sarah [I1373]


    Family of McClanahan, Joseph David and Anderson, Zarilda [F0885]
Unknown Partner Anderson, Zarilda [I1376]
  1. McClanahan, Tyrena S. [I1478]


  1. McClanahan, Thomas [I1374]
    1. Engle, Sarah [I1373]
      1. McClanahan, Joseph David
        1. Anderson, Zarilda [I1376]
          1. McClanahan, Tyrena S. [I1478]
      2. McClanahan, Sarah J. [I0186]


Source References

  1. Senior English Class, Eunice Asbury - English Teacher: History of Jackson Township, Sullivan County, Indiana [S0106]
      • Page: page 59
      • Citation:

        Mrs. John McClanahan

        Mrs. John Richmond McClanahan was born at Ashtabula, Ohio. She is a daughter of Walker and Hulda Badger Richmond, both of whom were born in Ohio. When Mrs. McClanahan was three years of aga, they moved to Illinois. They lived there five years after which they moved to Sullivan and then to a farm east of Shelburn. Here Mrs. McClanahan lived until her marriage. At the time of Lincoln's assassination Mrs. McClanahan was living in Sullivan and she has a vivid remembrance of the train passing through covered with mourning and of the great disturbance and sensation that the death of the great president caused in that town. On May 9, 1872, she was united in marriage to John T. McClanahan. son of Joseph D. and Zerrilda Anderson McClanahan who, in 1847, came to Curry township and settled on a farm near Shelburn. Mr. Joseph D. McClanahan was a companion of "Uncle Billy" McGrew on his trips on flatboats down the Mississippi river to New Orleans and Evansville.

        In 1889 Mr. and Mrs. John McClanahan came to make their home in Hymera. Mr. McClanahan was a carpenter by trade. He constructed the first tipple of Mine No. 34, the oldest mine in Hymera.

        To them were born three children: Alfred, who married May Badson, Herbert, who married Daisy Eppert, and Hulda May, wife of Mell Hamilton, all of whom are at present residents of Hymera.

        Mr. McClanahan died Sept. 29, 1914, and Mrs. McClanahan continues to reside at their home. He was a charter member of the Masonic lodge of Hymera and a member of the Baptist church, to which Mrs. McClanahan belongs.