Hellgren, Any Helena

Birth Name Any Helena Hellgren
Gramps ID I0634
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Aronsson Hällgren, Johan [I0560]
Mother Johansdotter, Maria Fredrika [I0563]
    Brother     Hellgren, Johan Arvid [I0633]
         Hellgren, Any Helena [I0634]
    Brother     Hellgren, Johan Arthur [I0595]
    Brother     Hellgren, Jonas Anselm “Anselm” [I0591]
    Brother     Hellgren, Oskar Antonius [I0691]
    Sister     Hellgren, Elin Kristina [I0701]
    Sister     Hellgren, Hilda Maria [I0692]
    Brother     Hellgren, Seth Ferdinand [I0693]


    Family of Jonsson, Karl and Hellgren, Any Helena [F0367]
Married Husband Jonsson, Karl [I0635]
  1. Jonsson, Margit [I0636]
  2. Jonsson, Axel [I0637]


  1. Aronsson Hällgren, Johan [I0560]
    1. Johansdotter, Maria Fredrika [I0563]
      1. Hellgren, Seth Ferdinand [I0693]
      2. Hellgren, Oskar Antonius [I0691]
      3. Hellgren, Any Helena
        1. Jonsson, Karl [I0635]
          1. Jonsson, Margit [I0636]
          2. Jonsson, Axel [I0637]
      4. Hellgren, Johan Arvid [I0633]
      5. Hellgren, Johan Arthur [I0595]
      6. Hellgren, Jonas Anselm “Anselm” [I0591]
      7. Hellgren, Elin Kristina [I0701]
      8. Hellgren, Hilda Maria [I0692]