Logue, Dorothea M.

Birth Name Dorothea M. Logue
Gramps ID I1050
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Logue, Joseph Abner [I1043]
Mother Langdon, Roma Armena [I1042]
    Brother     Logue, Floyd Amos [I1044]
    Sister     Logue, Mary Naomi [I1045]
    Sister     Logue, Edith Ruth [I1046]
         Logue, Dorothea M. [I1050]


    Family of Hoak, Daniel W. and Logue, Dorothea M. [F0741]
Unknown Partner Hoak, Daniel W. [I1051]


  1. Logue, Joseph Abner [I1043]
    1. Langdon, Roma Armena [I1042]
      1. Logue, Dorothea M.
        1. Hoak, Daniel W. [I1051]
      2. Logue, Floyd Amos [I1044]
      3. Logue, Mary Naomi [I1045]
      4. Logue, Edith Ruth [I1046]