Lundström, Helena

Birth Name Helena Lundström
Gramps ID I0580
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Lundström, Abraham [I0562]
Mother Aronsdotter, Lena-Cajsa [I0561]
    Sister     Lundström, Anna-Maria [I0578]
    Brother     Lundström, Karl Abner [I0579]
    Brother     Lundström, Johan Emil [I0588]
    Sister     Lundström, Aqvilina Augusta [I0589]
    Sister     Lundström, Siri Kristina [I0590]
         Lundström, Helena [I0580]
    Brother     Lundström, Axel Elof [I0587]


    Family of Johansson, Simon and Lundström, Helena [F0540]
Married Husband Johansson, Simon [I0581]
  1. Johansson, Torvald [I0582]
  2. Johansson, Thure [I0583]


  1. Lundström, Abraham [I0562]
    1. Aronsdotter, Lena-Cajsa [I0561]
      1. Lundström, Siri Kristina [I0590]
      2. Lundström, Axel Elof [I0587]
      3. Lundström, Johan Emil [I0588]
      4. Lundström, Karl Abner [I0579]
      5. Lundström, Helena
        1. Johansson, Simon [I0581]
          1. Johansson, Torvald [I0582]
          2. Johansson, Thure [I0583]
      6. Lundström, Aqvilina Augusta [I0589]
      7. Lundström, Anna-Maria [I0578]