Russell, Lewis 1 2a

Birth Name Lewis Russell
Gramps ID I0783
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E1640] about 1836 Indiana  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Russell, John [I0100]
Mother Shetters/Sutters, Hannah [I0101]
    Sister     Russell, Nancy [I1102]
    Sister     Russell, Elizabeth [I1103]
    Brother     Russell, Aaron [I1104]
         Russell, Lewis [I0783]
    Sister     Russell, Lucinda [I0088]
    Sister     Russell, Mary Elizabeth [I1105]
    Brother     Russell, George [I0782]
    Brother     Russell, Jacob [I1106]
    Sister     Russell, Angeline [I1107]
    Brother     Russell, John C. [I0487]


  1. Russell, John [I0100]
    1. Shetters/Sutters, Hannah [I0101]
      1. Russell, John C. [I0487]
      2. Russell, Jacob [I1106]
      3. Russell, Angeline [I1107]
      4. Russell, Nancy [I1102]
      5. Russell, Elizabeth [I1103]
      6. Russell, Aaron [I1104]
      7. Russell, Lewis
      8. Russell, Lucinda [I0088]
      9. Russell, Mary Elizabeth [I1105]
      10. Russell, George [I0782]


Source References

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