Newland, Linda Carol

Birth Name Linda Carol Newland
Gramps ID I0430
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Newland, Vernel Fred [I0429]
Mother Langdon, Donna Louise [I0426]
         Newland, Linda Carol [I0430]
    Brother     Newland, Larry Dean [I0431]
Stepfather Leszczynski, Rithard A. [I0428]
Mother Langdon, Donna Louise [I0426]
Stepfather Podlewski, Donald F. [I0432]
Mother Langdon, Donna Louise [I0426]
    Half-sister     Podlewski, Dawn Marie [I0434]
Stepfather Seegar, Richard C. [I0433]
Mother Langdon, Donna Louise [I0426]


    Family of Barouska, David Edward and Newland, Linda Carol [F0385]
Married Husband Barouska, David Edward [I0438]
  1. Barouska, Eric Ryan [I0441]
  2. Barouska, David Christopher [I0439]
  3. Barouska, Jeffrey Alan [I0443]


  1. Newland, Vernel Fred [I0429]
    1. Langdon, Donna Louise [I0426]
      1. Newland, Linda Carol
        1. Barouska, David Edward [I0438]
          1. Barouska, David Christopher [I0439]
          2. Barouska, Eric Ryan [I0441]
          3. Barouska, Jeffrey Alan [I0443]
      2. Newland, Larry Dean [I0431]