McClanahan, Benjamin Franklin “B.F.”

Birth Name Benjamin Franklin “B.F.” McClanahan
Gramps ID I1235
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McClanahan, Stephen [I0416]
Mother Siner, Parthena Jane [I0418]
    Brother     McClanahan, Daniel [I1233]
    Brother     McClanahan, Charles [I1230]
    Sister     McClanahan, Minnie [I1228]
         McClanahan, Benjamin Franklin “B.F.” [I1235]
Father McClanahan, Stephen [I0416]
Stepmother Hill, Margaret [I0417]


    Family of McClanahan, Benjamin Franklin “B.F.” and Huncourt, Olxma [F0834]
Married Wife Huncourt, Olxma [I1236]


  1. McClanahan, Stephen [I0416]
    1. Siner, Parthena Jane [I0418]
      1. McClanahan, Charles [I1230]
      2. McClanahan, Daniel [I1233]
      3. McClanahan, Benjamin Franklin "B.F."
        1. Huncourt, Olxma [I1236]
      4. McClanahan, Minnie [I1228]