Aronsson, Anders

Birth Name Anders Aronsson
Gramps ID I0559
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Andersson, Aron [I0557]
Mother Johansdotter, Anna Helena (Magdalena) [I0558]
         Aronsson, Anders [I0559]
    Brother     Aronsson Hällgren, Johan [I0560]
    Sister     Aronsdotter, Lena Katarina [I0561]
Father Andersson, Aron [I0557]
Stepmother Larsdotter Tapper, Helena [I0574]
    Half-brother     Aronsson, Lars [I0575]
    Half-sister     Aronsdotter, Karolina [I0576]
    Half-brother     Aronsson, Arvid [I0577]


    Family of Aronsson, Anders and Lundberg, Kristina Emelia [F0405]
Married Wife Lundberg, Kristina Emelia [I0564]
  1. Hellgren, Hulda Helena [I0573]
  2. Hellgren, Klas [I0572]
  3. Hellgren, Kristina Antoinetta [I0571]
  4. Hellgren, Emelia Margareta [I0568]
  5. Hellgren, Helena Margareta [I0565]
  6. Hellgren, Andreas [I0566]
  7. Hellgren, Johan [I0567]


  1. Andersson, Aron [I0557]
    1. Johansdotter, Anna Helena (Magdalena) [I0558]
      1. Aronsdotter, Lena Katarina [I0561]
      2. Aronsson, Anders
        1. Lundberg, Kristina Emelia [I0564]
          1. Hellgren, Helena Margareta [I0565]
          2. Hellgren, Andreas [I0566]
          3. Hellgren, Johan [I0567]
          4. Hellgren, Emelia Margareta [I0568]
          5. Hellgren, Kristina Antoinetta [I0571]
          6. Hellgren, Klas [I0572]
          7. Hellgren, Hulda Helena [I0573]
      3. Aronsson Hällgren, Johan [I0560]