Hellgren, Jan Olov Anders

Birth Name Jan Olov Anders Hellgren
Gramps ID I0667
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hellgren, Anders Gösta Martin [I0663]
Mother Holmer, Solveig [I0666]
         Hellgren, Jan Olov Anders [I0667]
    Sister     Hellgren, Eva Carina [I0671]
    Brother     Hellgren, Lars Magnus Christer [I0675]
    Sister     Hellgren, Charlotte Ingela [I0676]


    Family of Hellgren, Jan Olov Anders and Olofsson, Anneli [F0432]
Married Wife Olofsson, Anneli [I0668]
  1. Hellgren, Jesper [I0669]
  2. Hellgren, Kasper [I0670]


  1. Hellgren, Anders Gösta Martin [I0663]
    1. Holmer, Solveig [I0666]
      1. Hellgren, Jan Olov Anders
        1. Olofsson, Anneli [I0668]
          1. Hellgren, Jesper [I0669]
          2. Hellgren, Kasper [I0670]
      2. Hellgren, Eva Carina [I0671]
      3. Hellgren, Lars Magnus Christer [I0675]
      4. Hellgren, Charlotte Ingela [I0676]