Siner, Commodore Perry

Birth Name Commodore Perry Siner
Gramps ID I0750
Gender male
Age at Death 33 years, 11 months, 29 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0424] 1861-10-11 Shelburn, Indiana  
Death [E1869] 1895-10-09 Shelburn, Indiana  
Event Note

DIED ON DUTY. Perry Siner Falls Over Just as the Whistle Blows. Shelburn. Ind , Oct 10 —Commodore Perry Siner, an engineer at the Kettle Creek Coal company, dropped dead at his post of duty last evening as the whistle blew for 5 o'clock. Joe Thorp rung the bell, signaling that he was coming up. When he was landed safe on top the engineer fell deed at the lever, with the engine on center. He was a prominent Odd Fellow and this was regular meeting night. He had been enjoying good health. The family was so overcome with grief last evening it was difficult to learn the particulars.



Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Siner, Shelby Dale [I0185]
Mother McClanahan, Sarah J. [I0186]
    Sister     Siner, Zarilda Caroline “Caroline” [I1216]
    Sister     Siner, Elizabeth A. [I1217]
    Sister     Siner, Mary Alice [I1218]
    Brother     Siner, Nelson Theodore [I0749]
    Sister     Siner, Leora B. [I1219]
         Siner, Commodore Perry [I0750]
    Sister     Siner, Rosa Mae [I0080]


  1. Siner, Shelby Dale [I0185]
    1. McClanahan, Sarah J. [I0186]
      1. Siner, Zarilda Caroline “Caroline” [I1216]
      2. Siner, Elizabeth A. [I1217]
      3. Siner, Mary Alice [I1218]
      4. Siner, Nelson Theodore [I0749]
      5. Siner, Leora B. [I1219]
      6. Siner, Commodore Perry
      7. Siner, Rosa Mae [I0080]


Source References

  1. The Fort Wayne Sentinel [S0101]
      • Date: 1895-10-10
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