William J. Allen Bible Family Record Pages

Gramps ID S0044
Author William J. Allen


These pages are from an edition of "The Comparative New Testament" containing the KJV and the (English) Revised Version of 1881. Dennis Lancaster provided scans of the pages to Steve Allen on 2007-07-08. If the transcription of advertisements at http://infomotions.com/etexts/gutenberg/dirs/1/7/0/8/17086/17086.htm refers to this book then it was published by Porter & Coates.


    1. Allen, Arena K. [I0203]
    2. Allen, Charity [I0200]
    3. Allen, Cornelius [I0207]
    4. Allen, George W. [I0206]
    5. Allen, James Tadlock [I0087]
    6. Allen, Leonard D. [I0198]
    7. Allen, Rhoda Ann [I0205]
    8. Allen, Sarah J. [I0199]
    9. Allen, Steven P. [I0204]
    10. Allen, William [I0201]
    11. Allen, William Jackson [I0202]
    12. Birth [E0254]
    13. Birth [E0402]
    14. Birth [E0473]
    15. Birth [E0474]
    16. Birth [E0475]
    17. Birth [E0476]
    18. Birth [E0694]
    19. Birth [E0814]
    20. Birth [E0815]
    21. Birth [E1039]
    22. Birth [E1124]
    23. Birth [E1172]
    24. Birth [E1367]
    25. Birth [E1369]
    26. Birth [E1370]
    27. Death [E0620]
    28. Death [E0971]
    29. Death [E1334]
    30. Death [E1335]
    31. Death [E1336]
    32. Death [E1337]
    33. Death [E1342]
    34. Death [E1343]
    35. Death [E1344]
    36. Death [E1365]
    37. Death [E1366]
    38. Death [E1368]
    39. Death [E1371]
    40. Death [E1372]
    41. Family of Allen, William Jackson and McKinney, Hannah Amanda [F0440]
    42. Family of Jarrett, Francis M. and Allen, Rhoda Ann [F0396]
    43. Family of McKinney, James W. and White, Jane [F0667]
    44. Goen, Mary Ann "Polly" [I0197]
    45. Marriage [E1171]
    46. Marriage [E1338]
    47. Marriage [E1364]
    48. Marriage [E1373]
    49. McKinney, Hannah Amanda [I0889]
    50. McKinney, James W. [I0903]
    51. White, Jane [I0904]