Allen, Arena K. 1 2

Birth Name Arena K. Allen
Gramps ID I0203
Gender female
Age at Death 54 years, 2 months, 8 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0474] 1847-01-26 Jackson Co, Indiana  
Death [E1339] 1901-04-03    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Allen, James Tadlock [I0087]
Mother Goen, Mary Ann “Polly” [I0197]
    Brother     Allen, Leonard D. [I0198]
    Sister     Allen, Sarah J. [I0199]
    Sister     Allen, Charity [I0200]
    Brother     Allen, William [I0201]
    Brother     Allen, William Jackson [I0202]
         Allen, Arena K. [I0203]
    Brother     Allen, Steven P. [I0204]
    Sister     Allen, Rhoda Ann [I0205]
    Brother     Allen, George W. [I0206]
    Brother     Allen, Cornelius [I0207]
Father Allen, James Tadlock [I0087]
Stepmother Russell, Lucinda [I0088]
    Half-brother     Allen, James Luther M.D. [I0767]
    Half-sister     Allen, Mary Elizabeth [I0098]
    Half-brother     Allen, John Riley [I0079]
    Half-sister     Allen, Rosa Destine [I0763]
    Half-brother     Allen, Alburtis [I0764]
    Half-brother     Allen, Elcurtis “Worrell” [I0765]


    Family of Banks, Henry H. and Allen, Arena K. [F0640]
Married Husband Banks, Henry H. [I0890]


  1. Allen, James Tadlock [I0087]
    1. Goen, Mary Ann “Polly” [I0197]
      1. Allen, Leonard D. [I0198]
      2. Allen, Sarah J. [I0199]
      3. Allen, Charity [I0200]
      4. Allen, William [I0201]
      5. Allen, William Jackson [I0202]
      6. Allen, Arena K.
        1. Banks, Henry H. [I0890]
      7. Allen, Steven P. [I0204]
      8. Allen, Rhoda Ann [I0205]
      9. Allen, George W. [I0206]
      10. Allen, Cornelius [I0207]


Source References

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