Viruses, ITU, and PTTI

From: <matsakis.demetrios_at_USNO.NAVY.MIL>
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 17:45:40 -0500

Last month the computer housing the leapsec listserv lost all its files,
probably due to a virus. Unfortunately, the backup system was not
working and most of the subscriber inputs have been lost to us.

I think we have restored the user list, but you may have to log on again
and get a new password. TVB has provided us with many of the
subscriber contributions, so at least partial restoration of the
comments is possible. Steve Allen has offered to provide a complete
set of the contributions, so that full restoration seems likely.
The job may not be completed until after the holidays, and we will
notify you when that happens.

We are also working on the backup situation - parts have been on order
since before the virus attack.

Other news - at the ITU meeting, Dr. Ronald Beard accepted the
responsibility of chairing a study group on the leap second issue, and to
coordinate with other professional societies. He is now a subscriber of
this listserv.

Ron and others were also present at the PTTI session on leapseconds. I
will mail out any written versions of the papers as they come in,
and hopefully will also include a transcript of the taped discussion.
I would say the audience was quite partisan in favor of a change, but I
also think one strong argument was made against a change, based upon the
cost of paying contractors to go through large amounts of computer code
for high-tech space-based systems. The obvious solution occurred to me -
if a proposed change is announced with a long enough lead time (and it
would be), such "legacy systems" would have time to adjust. Fortunately
for all, Mother Earth is cooperating by not slowing down as much as

Thank you for your patience,

Demetrios Matsakis

PS to Steve Allen: can you send the files to me at
Straight ascii is preferred, but I can handle attachments.
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