Re: [LEAPSECS] Proposal for a Smoothed Coordinated Universal Time(UTS)

From: Steve Allen <>
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 13:16:03 -0700

On Wed 2000-10-25T15:15:38 -0400, John Cowan hath writ:
> This cure is infinitely worse than the disease.

Of course this is pretty much the disease that most systems running
NTP currently have. In that sense this serves to try to remove the
"de facto" from the existing standard. It is also very cozy with the
POSIX committee attitude. All of this is more visible on the discussion
that has been taking place on comp.protocols.time.ntp

I don't see much point in such a standard. It doesn't really address
whether the current standard de facto standard is acceptable or needs
improvment. What we need is to demand more from the timing community
than is currently provided via printed circulars and broadcast
mechanisms. With that in hand systems can choose behavior that works
best for them.

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