Re: Leap Second Report

From: Steve Allen <>
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2000 23:57:25 -0700

I've headed all the way back to the origin of this forum.

On Wed 2000-07-05T14:51:30 +0000, Demetrios N Matsakis hath writ:
> An e-mail survey to find possible adverse effects of a redefinition of
> UTC has identified some possibly expensive or unsolvable problems
> involving software rewriting or checking, which are listed below.
> Although it was not possible to quantify the financial scale of
> resolving the software problems, the largest expenses appear to be for
> satellite systems, of which one estimate of several hundred thousand
> dollars was supplied. The quantity and quality of the responses
> opposed to a change indicate that those who favor any change must be
> prepared to make a very convincing argument to people and groups who
> initially will disagree with them.

What about the cost of not making a change to the definition of UTC?

Was any effort made to quantify the cost of ongoing efforts which
are required for systems which don't tolerate leapseconds well?

Was any effort made to quantify the cost of enhancing and/or retiring
and replacing existing systems which don't tolerate leap seconds?

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