Re: [LEAPSECS] USNO leap seconds - a minmum-change approach

From: Steve Allen <>
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2000 15:27:16 -0700

On Mon 2000-08-14T15:11:58 -0700, Brian Garrett hath writ:
> [the status quo] should meet the needs of the PTTI community well into the
> 22nd century, if I'm extrapolating that graph correctly. So why are we
> discussing this now?

I'll offer one reason.

Using 32-bit integers the Unix epoch ends in January 2038.
The widespread deployment of 64-bit systems has yet to come.

It would be a Really Good Thing (TM) if the understanding of 64-bit
Unix time were implemented in a fashion more conformant with the
reality of leap seconds than the current 32-bit definition is. The
protocols necessary to do this in a robust fashion need to be
determined ASAP.

It would be nice to see some responses from respected members of
the timing community.

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