Re: [LEAPSECS] how do computer people want their time clocked?

From: Gyrgy Szondy <>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 03:49:40 +0200

>It is from such dicussions that I got the impression that monotonicity is
>all they need.

This question is a theoretical argument.

In some cases we do need better solution than inserting leap seconds. (Eg. 1
second differnce for an F16 means more than a mile.) There are also
relativistic effects in case of space flight thwt we cannot handle correctly
with leapsecs. The effect caused only by the diffence in gravitation
potential can be in range of hundreds of millisecs a year.

So what we will really need in the near future is more flexibility in
measuring time: to realize that time and clock are separate things and to be
able to speed up or slow down clock to keep them synchronized with time.


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