Re: [LEAPSECS] Leap second status?

From: John Cowan <jcowan_at_REUTERSHEALTH.COM>
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 14:54:04 -0500

Rob Seaman scripsit:

> Especially since it is likely that
> any systems currently having trouble with UTC would have been better
> designed to use TAI in the first place.


Almost all embedded clocks, including the ones on our walls and wrists,
display TAI-style time (60 seconds per minute) but are set using LCT,
which is defined in terms of UTC. This fundamental disconnect is not
going to go away unless UTC is redefined (or unless the LCT-UTC link is broken).

The needs of the astronomy/navigation community are certainly important,
but the civil day no more needs to be tied to the solar day than the
civil month needs to be tied to the synodic month for the benefit of the
Jewish and Muslim communities. Keep your own calendar if you need one.

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