what is the active standard?

From: Steve Allen <sla_at_ucolick.org>
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2003 12:13:16 -0700

The Explanatory Supplement to IERS Bulletins A and B
is dated 2002-03 and contains the following line

    UTC is defined by the 1986 CCIR Recommendation 460-4 (CCIR, 1986)

This is somewhat odd because the CCIR was subsumed into the ITU-R
during the reorganization of 1992/1993, and version 4 of document 460
was renamed to ITU-R TF.460-4.
Then in 1997 version 5 was issued as ITU-R TF.460-5 (and in 2002
version 6 was issued). Nevertheless, the IERS explanatory supplement
continues and mentions the redefinition process for UTC as well as
the IAU 2000 GA resolution B2.

So why does the explanatory supplement indicate an old name of an old
version by an old organization?

Does the IERS require a directive from its authorizing agencies before
it can adopt a new version?
If so, doesn't that mean that different versions may be in
simultaneous use by different agencies?

Or is this just another example of sloppy documentation regarding the
authority by which leap seconds exist?

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