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Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 09:51:14 EDT

To all:

I must apologize for I have been finishing two unique industrial
applications, and having made a shift (a move) while doing so.

In looking at all that has occurred since I was following the happenings, I
do not have knowledge of what occurred at Torino, or since...................

However I have pondered over this situation for some time, and would offer
this humble suggestion. As scientist we trained there are no coincidences, that
there are facts to substantiate happenings. At this point in the history we
are observing and creating, a scientific explanation is held for each
action-reaction (cause and effect) in this point of origin we are
occupying.................... I would ask is the anomaly of A leap second or ? in the future, the
action or reaction? Again I would humbly suggest it is the reaction that we
are recording. If this is true then would not it be good to find what brought
about this reaction of leap second or whatever the measurement may be at a
later date?......... If we take time to think there are many factors we are able
to assess, monitor, and calculate the effects of such....... In doing this we
are ahead of the curve and addressing the cause, and not the resulting
factors we are able to observe after the cause................. Given time I would
be able to compose a total formula using many equations as such, however many
of you probably have much better equipment than I and are able to do a more
proficient application (better job than I).

Riley Johnson
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