Re: [LEAPSECS] more media coverage

From: Steve Allen <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 00:30:50 -0700

On Wed 2003-07-23T08:01:35 +0100, Peter Bunclark hath writ:
> Every single time the press report something one has personal knowledge
> of, they get the details wrong. By extrapolation to issues one does not
> have personal knowledge of...

As news coverage goes, the apparent tone underlying that interview was
of the "oh God they've stuck a camera and microphone in my face and I
can't extrapolate a random variable with a quadratic trend in my head"

If anything, this suggests that the press (and general public) need
access to some very well-prepared web pages which concisely and
accurately lay out all the issues of leap seconds now and into the

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