Re: religious concerns

From: Steve Allen <>
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2003 23:51:41 -0700

On Sat 2003-07-12T11:19:22 +0100, Markus Kuhn hath writ:
> It seems, the true quarrel of this particular community is more with the
> Earth not being flat any more

Nevertheless, most of the people in the world have not traveled more
than a few hundred miles, have never crossed a timezone boundary (let
alone the International Date Line), and have not read Jules Verne.
It seems that the majority of people have been willing to accept the
creation of standard time zones by the railroads, and that they have
been willing to accept the biannual shifts of daylight/summer time.
Apparently those changes did not deviate enough from the pre-existing
notions of keeping time-of-day to cause widespread consternation.
A change which would eventually make day into night and Tuesday into
Wednesday does not meet that criterion.

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