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Peter Bunclark scripsit:

> > Now (aside from Doctor Who) I wonder who coined this phrase, when, and
> > to whom it typically refers?
> >
> I'm sure that's the whole point, the author is familiar with the Time
> Lords of Gallifrey and deliberately used that phrase.

Indeed. Asking who the real time lords are is like asking who the real
gnomes of Zurich are.

<flame> I note in this article the unpleasing use of "December 31 1998"
for the date of the last leap second. This seemingly is a hybrid
of the North American and older British style style of "December 31,
1998" with the newer style typically used in Britain and elsewhere of
"31 December 1998". Having neither a comma nor a month name separating
the two numbers is productive of nothing but confusion. </flame>

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