Re: [LEAPSECS] timestamps on death certificates

From: Steve Allen <>
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2003 08:45:03 -0700

On Fri 2003-06-06T07:37:57 +0100, Peter Bunclark hath writ:
> A husband has a will leaving everything to his wife, or if she dies first,
> to their children. The wife has a will leaving everything to her secret
> lover. They are together in a car crash, and are put on life-support
> systems including heart monitors. They both, sadly, die at around the
> same time; both have a last-recorded heartbeat.

But suspecting her nature, the husband had insisted on a prenuptial
agreement that nullified her inheritance rights until the marriage
passed its first anniversary. After having tea at home with his kids,
they were travelling on their way to a second honeymoon. Their
recorded times of death were both only seconds past midnight.

While preparing for probate some of the lawyers note that the recorded
times of death were after midnight according to the new leap-free UTC,
but before civil midnight as defined by existing statute. During the
ensuing legal discovery free-for-all other lawyers find that one of
the hospital maintenance technicians sets the clocks on the heart
monitors using new leap-free UTC, and another sets them according to
the GMT-based statute.

After the judge awards the inheritance, the losing parties sue the
hospital for failing to maintain standard practices.

Leap Free Civil Time: boldly going where no mysogynistic case law
fantasy has gone before.

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