RE: [LEAPSECS] pedagogically barren?

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It's also true that changing to SI units for weight and volume is a lot more
technically tractable than for length. Public opposition would still be a
big barrier, though.

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Markus Kuhn wrote:

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> While the international inch is indeed linked to the meter by a
> reasonably round factor, and even shows up indirectly in a number of ISO
> standards (e.g., inch-based threads and pipes), this can clearly not be
> said for the US pound and the US gallon and units derived from these,
> which are still required by US federal law to be present on consumer
> packages. As long as it remains legal and even required in the US to
> price goods per gallon or pound (units completely unrelated to the inch!),

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According to the NIST website, a gallon is defined as exactly 231 cubic
  I would say that was a long way from being completely unrelated to the

While the pound is unrelated to the inch, it is defined as exactly

Neither is a nice round number, but there is a definite relationship.

William Thompson

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