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From: Seeds, Glen <Glen.Seeds_at_COGNOS.COM>
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 18:06:02 -0400

This smells like a hoax (or if you like, and "honour system" virus, that
dupes users into doing the virus' dirty work manually). Has anyone checked
to make sure that this is not a legitimate and NECESSARY OS file?

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> To all email recipients,
> A virus was been passed on to me and my address book in turn has been
> infected. I just found it and deleted it. Since you are in my address book
> there is a very strong chance that you will find it in your computer too.
> The virus (called jdbgmgr.exe) is not detected by Norton or Macafee anti
> virus systems. This virus sits quietly for 14 days before damaging the
> system. It is sent automatically by messenger and the address book,
> or not you send emails to your contacts.
> Here's how to check for the virus and get rid of it.
> 1. Go to start, Find or Search option
> 2. In the file/folders option, type the name: jdbgmgr.exe
> 3. Be sure you search your C-drive and all the sub-folders and any other
> drives you may have.
> 4. Click: "Find Now"
> 5. The virus has a gray teddy bear icon with the name jdbgmgr.exe - DO NOT
> 6. Go to edit (on the menu bar) and choose SELECT ALL to highlight the
> without opening it.
> 7. Now go to the File (on the menu bar) and select DELETE. It will then go
> to the recycle bin.
> IF YOU FIND THE VIRUS, you must contact all the people in your address
> book so they can eradicat it in their own address books.
> To do this:
> 1. Open a new email message
> 2. Click the icon of the address book next to the "TO"
> 3. Highlight every name and add to "BCC"
> 4. Copy this message, enter subject and paste to email, and send
> Wayne Hanson

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