Re: [LEAPSECS] civil time and Venezuela

From: Ed Davies <ls_at_EDAVIES.NILDRAM.CO.UK>
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 17:49:36 +0000

Steve Allen wrote:
> Further evidence that having civil clocks tracking atomic time (or
> solar time) may be deemed less relevant than other factors.
> What good to go through the havoc of redefining UTC when governments
> and agencies will do things like this?

I find two sentences in this report really bizarre:

> To prevent blackouts, the country slightly lowered the frequency of
> the current.

Why would a small change in frequency have much effect on the power
used? Surely reducing the voltage would have an effect but not
reducing the frequency (except maybe marginally).

> For common quartz clocks, the slight drop in frequency slows the
> vibration of the crystal that regulates time keeping, he said,
> adding, "People must be going nuts."

Umm, why should the supply frequency affect a crystal oscillator?
I think they mean non-quartz clocks.
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