Re: [LEAPSECS] Leap seconds in the European 50.0 Hz power grid

From: Steve Allen <>
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 14:50:53 -0800

On Thu 2003-01-30T22:05:51 +0000, Markus Kuhn hath writ:
> > But the question arises as to why the spec
> > can't easily be changed to indicate that it is per TAI day.
> As long as UTC is as it is currently, you don't want to do this:

But I think that the further answer is this:
Should it be decided that civil time shall track TAI, there will be no
technical problem (and indeed, possibly great rejoicing) to change the

For the purposes of power grids:

The current forms of UTC and TAI are both acceptable.
Ongoing changes in the length of a second are not acceptable.
Fractional leap seconds are not acceptable.

Here I perceive pieces of a checklist of civil time strategies vs.
technologies affected by them. This could be valuable.

> Plus remember the remarks above that UTC was for a long time far more
> easily available than TAI in Europe.

I believe that is true almost everywhere, and is a root of the problem
at hand.

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