Re: [LEAPSECS] Leap second status?

From: Markus Kuhn <Markus.Kuhn_at_CL.CAM.AC.UK>
Date: Tue Jan 7 08:31:07 2003

I just received the IERS Annual Report 2001, which reports on pp 43-44
on a survey about a possible UTC redefinition. Over a thousand
questionaires were sent out and 247 responses received in Summer 2002.

Results for the most critical answers:

Are you satisfied by the current UTC determination method with leap
second adjustment?

  90% YES, 10% NO

Do you think it would be better to change the determination method of

  55% NO, 24% YES, 21% NO OPINION

Sounds to me like the entire idea of a UTC change is quite unpopular
among IERS users.


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