CCTF and the future of UTC

From: Steve Allen <>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 10:15:53 -0800

This week is the 16th meeting of the CCTF.

Among the last words from the Torino conference was a note that
the ITU-R SRG 7A report could not be final until the CCTF had
responded, and that will presumably be forged this week.

The report from Torino is at odds with the sentiments expressed by the
1999 letter from the CCTF which was used as fuel for the ITU-R
process, but the few public comments from CCTF members have not made
it clear whether they agree or disagree.

Given the 1975 CGPM endorsement of UTC as a worldwide standard, I'm
supposing that the CCTF might opine that a 20-year life before the end
of UTC is too short. I wonder if they would recommend to the CIPM the
following: If the ITU-R withdraws UTC as a standard, that the BIPM
should assume reponsibility for continuing it until there is consensus
on a superior alternative.

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