RE: [LEAPSECS] name the equinox contest on now

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My concern is for the general populace, not for astronomers. For the former,
"apparent" is what matters, and in matters in lay terms, not in astronomical
terms. If astronomers wish to be helpful by using more precise measurement
techniques, that's great, as long as it's not at odds with what an
individual can see. If they wish instead to use a system that is at odds,
because that's what they need, that's OK too, as long as it's not forced on
everyone else. Whatever system we collectively come up with has to be this
flexible, or agreement will not be reachable.

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Seeds, Glen scripsit:

> The answer to your question is easy: it's only the apparent sun that
> for UT. The rationale here is that we're looking for a time base that's
> maximally useful to most people in the planet, for most of what they do.
> core of the definition of UT seems to satisfy this.

AFAIU, UT is based on mean time, not apparent time.

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