Re: [LEAPSECS] name the equinox contest on now

From: Steve Allen <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 15:08:28 -0800

On Thu 2004-01-29T18:01:04 -0500, hath writ:
> Of course, there is no "actual mean sun"; the luminous orb in the sky is the
> "actual actual sun".

I would wryly ask whether you intend to refer to the "actual actual
sun" or the "apparent actual sun".

This is relevant to the question of why the epoch of ephemeris time
at the beginning of 1900 does not correspond to the moment when
Delta T was 0 (sometime near the beginning of 1902).

But if I did ask that I would be opening an old astronomical wound
about the constant of aberration used during the initial studies that
led to the creation of ephemeris time as a replacement for universal
time. And that's not to mention the light lag...

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