Re: [LEAPSECS] that wretched AP article on leap seconds

From: Steve Allen <>
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 2004 00:27:54 -0800

On Fri 2004-01-02T11:12:14 +0000, Markus Kuhn hath writ:
> Tom Van Baak wrote on 2004-01-01 21:26 UTC:
> > A CNN popular spin on leap seconds:
> >
> Including the usual mixup between the two astronomic oscillations that define
> our calendar:
> At the National Institute for Science and Technology in Boulder,
> spokesman Fred McGehan said most scientists agree the Earth's orbit
> around the sun has been gradually slowing for millennia. But he said
> they don't have a good explanation for why it's suddenly on schedule.

This abyssmal AP wireservice story has appeared on hundreds of local
news agency websites and in their print and broadcast media.

> The world can't be too troubled if even the absence of a leap second
> makes it as a news item, and this always provides a welcome opportunity
> to calibrate one's personal trust in the accuracy of mainstream media
> reporting.

I think the IERS, NIST or somebody needs a department of earth
rotation pedagogy, because the entire AP article could have been
avoided if there had been something about as declarative as the plot
now seen here

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