From: Steve Allen <>
Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2004 19:07:26 -0800

On Thu 2004-01-01T15:48:01 -0800, Tom Van Baak hath writ:
> Some historical notes on the GPS Week Number Rollover
> I think the LEAPSECS group will find the part about the
> GPS leap second patent quite interesting!

So here is an obvious exercise for the LEAPSECS reader:

There must be some sort of Diophantine equation which combines the
values of the 10-bit GPS week counter and the 8-bit GPS Delta-t_LS
counter and produces most likely values for the number of 1024 week
offsets from 1980 and the number of 256 second offsets from 0.

Given the stochastic nature of the decadal oscillations in LOD, how
far into the future is it likely that such a Diophantine equation will
be valid?

Given the link above, this algorithm is undoubtedely also patentable.

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