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From: Brian Garrett <>
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 14:13:58 -0800

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Subject: [LEAPSECS] Leap Second Countdown Clock

> Two pages that may be useful this weekend:
> Leap Second Countdown Clock
> How to Watch a Leap Second
> After the weekend let me know if you have photos
> or your own links to add to the above collection.
> /tvb

Someone mentioned calling various speaking clocks to capture the leap
second. Telco time services won't handle the leap second in real time, of
course, but WWV/H and USNO should contain the telltale extra tick.

Is Jim Jaeger of on this list? I like his time service but
there's nothing on the website to indicate how the speaking clock will
handle the leap second. I believe it will, but there have been no updates
to the site to discuss it (although the web clocks are working again, they
weren't for a while.)

Unfortunately I have to work New Year's Eve but I will try to have open on my destop. I suspect that its Java applet isn't up to
handling the leap second though. I have tried to contact the webmaster to
inquire but (understandably) I have not gotten a response.

4 days, one hour and (tick, tick, tick, beeeeep) 46 minutes to go.

Brian Garrett

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